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All-Weather Cycling Gear Guide: Waterproof Gloves

Well, it’s nearly November and a few things are certain: The 2019 pro road season is done, your local cyclocross series has separated the earnest form the eager, and the weather is definitely getting colder and wetter. Your summer gear, layered up and over, might have gotten you this far, but with the winter solstice too far into the future, you’re going to need those thicker garments to keep pedaling through the winter. Thankfully, Cento has you covered just in time.

With fresh shipments from Sealskinz, Santini, and Showers Pass, we’ve got new winter riding gear to kit cold weather cyclists from top to toes. We’ve covered the bases: windproof caps and helmet covers, storm-repellent jackets and pants, overshoes for any condition, and socks and gloves to protect precious digits.

In this, and subsequent posts, we’ll share some of the latest innovations for this season and descriptions of the products we’ve chosen to carry for the wet wintry weather.When the day’s high temps begin to drop, the first thing we’ll level up on are our gloves. Numb hands on bars can cause disastrous consequences quicker than a cold core. So we’ve arranged our winter cycling glove offering by coolest to coldest, depending on your riding needs. 

Crosspoint LIner Gloves by Showers Pass

Cool - The Crosspoint™ Liner Glove by Showers Pass

An excellent thin glove, with a palm grip and touch screen capability, the Crosspoint liner glove cuts the chill of most cool fall mornings when the temperature sits around 45-55°F. 

The glove can also be paired with burly shells on the coldest days - think fat biking in the snow.. When the temperatures really sink into the wintry depths - at and below freezing - cold weather riding gloves will begin to have two components: a liner glove for wicking and some insulation, and thicker, insulative, weatherproof shell. 


Crosspoint Waterproof Cycling Glove Orange

Cold - The Crosspoint Glove by Showers Pass

There are many reasons to love this glove, so don’t let their subtle appearance dissuade you. The Crosspoint Glove, like the popular socks of the same name, are made with 3 bonded layers: 

  1. Wear resistant knit exterior that feels like a regular knit glove (and feels soft against your face when swiping away snot)
  2. Waterproof-breathable Artex membrane that does what it says
  3. Coolmax moisture-wicking antibacterial knit lining, so your gloves don’t stink and your hands don’t stay wet with sweat.

Bonuses include the silicone print on the palm for better grip in wet conditions, and a rad array of colors from Hi-Viz Green, Safety Orange, and Night Blue just to name a few.

These gloves also come in an excellent Merino wool version that puts the wool on the innermost layer that offers great temperature regulation as well as natural anti-microbial properties that keep stink at bay. The wool versions also come in their own colorways of Fatigue Green and Grey, and a dark Navy Blue as part of the National Geographic capsule


2019/20 Waterproof All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Glove

Cold - The All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Gloves by Sealskinz

In addition to the Crosspoint gloves, we also chose to carry these All Weather gloves by Sealskinz for a few reasons. First, on a very basic level, the touchscreen capability with the thumb and forefinger are nice to have in a waterproof glove. While you might not be texting behind bars, tapping that stem-mounted GPS is a little easier with these gloves when you’re looking for a shortcut home in the cold. 

Second, they’re a bit thicker than the Crosspoint and some riders might find some much-needed added insulation benefits. 

Sealskinz 2019/20 Waterproof All Weather Ultra Grip Knitted Gauntlet Glove

Third, we were really intrigued by the elongated gauntlet version. The liminal space between the jacket cuff and glove can be a sad source of searing discomfort for cold season cyclists - especially those with long arms and ill-fitting jackets. Importantly, the wrist is a bundle veins that is best kept toasty to help keep the body’s blood flow warm. As a stop-gap or even doubled as  a precaution, the waterproof long gauntlet glove is a great option.



Sealskinz 2019/20 Waterproof All Weather Cycle Glove - Black

Colder - The Waterproof All Weather Cycle Glove by Sealskinz

A rugged, lightweight and technical waterproof cycling glove. These gloves offer a balance of warmth and breathability that alleviate the need for a liner glove. These attributes also make it perfect for a variety of cycling disciplines and weather conditions. The three layer construction provides warmth, durability and waterproofing. Reflective material placed in key spots for visibility in low light conditions. 


Sealskinz 2019/20 Waterproof Extreme Cold Weather Cycle Split Finger Glove

Coldest - Waterproof Extreme Cold Split Finger Glove by Sealskinz

This an Iditabike glove; at home in endless snow and the coldest temperatures. It is a heavy duty, lobster claw-style waterproof cycling glove is packed with Primaloft for riding in extremely cold conditions. The Climashield insulation provides excellent thermal protection and breathability. The split fingers provide added grip, control and insulation. An extended cuff gives added coverage on the wrist.


Sealskinz 2019/20 Waterproof Heated Cycle Glove

Coldest, Extra Strength - Waterproof Heated Cycle Glove by Sealskinz

Where liner gloves and insulation still leave fingers cold in the middle of a ride, the integrated heating element in these gloves provides additional warmth. Using a rechargeable battery - 4v 2200mAh Polymer battery - up to 5-6 hours run time will keep finger tips feeling tropical. These gloves also feature integrated controls to toggle between power modes to select the most comfortable setting for the conditions.

Three layer construction for warmth, durability and waterproofing. Bonded liner and membrane on palm and fingers prevent movement, liner pull out and enhances control. Goatskin leather palm provides a natural feel, excellent durability and control. Primaloft Gold insulation provides excellent thermal protection & breathability. Stealth reflectivity detailing increases low light visibility.


Stay tuned for the next post in this series on our insulated waterproof winter socks.