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Chammy Time: The Santini Cycling Chamois Pad Guide

The chamois pad is arguably one of the most important features of cycling apparel. It's position is of great importance between you and your bike, the rider and their saddle. Yet, a lot of people - especially those new to cycling don't like to talk about it. Perhaps it is the position of the pad, or simply the pronunciation of the word ("sham-wa") the shooshes would-be speakers of the special textile.

Well, the 'bike diaper', 'crotch cushion', or 'saddle sofa', shall no longer be besieged by bad names. Advancements by Santini in material technology and chamois pad design have reduced the look and feel of the pad to where riders simply remain riding comfortably for longer - without ever considering the size or shape of the pad. In this post, we'll feature three pads and share more about what matters most in selecting your next chamois pad.

  • eMax
  • GITevo
  • C3

"What kind of bike shorts should I buy?"

At the shop, we're often asked what separates one pair of cycling shorts from another, and why they are priced differently. We get this question from novice bike path riders to seasoned cyclists who already have a calloused gluteus maximus, and are interested in the material nuance of chamois pads. The first part of our response immediately falls to the difference in the pads contained in each pair of cycling shorts or tights. In this brief guide to Santini's chamois pads (fondello in Italian), we'll share some details about the pads we like to stock and why, as well the type of rider - or rides - for which the pads are best designed.


The eMAX is the everyday chamois pad, perfect for medium distances and indoor activities. eMAX is the evolution Santini's long running Coolmax padding but better, thanks to the improved ergonomic construction. The anatomical shape and the perforated foam layer have varying densities in all the right places. The minimal and essential design make this pad ideal for all types of indoor activities and for medium distances. So for those just starting out, or serious riders on indoor recovery rides, the eMax is an easy choice.

Santini eMax Chamois Pad | Cento Cycling


If you're riding for a few hours or more on a regular basis, this is your go-to chamois pad. The GITevo is the technological evolution of the original bestseller GIT chamois with Twist Gel core. The silicone gel absorbs shock steadily and gradually. GITevo is even more performance-oriented because it is constructed with a carving process that is able to create various thicknesses without seams and sticking, reducing the weight and increasing the softness of the padding. The top layer with antibacterial microfiber and depressions on the surface, offers excellent fit and freedom of movement by protecting from chafing and irritation.



C3 is an endurance high performance chamois, ideal for long hours in the saddle. This is the most popular pad among elite and professional bicycle racers. The C3 chamois is constructed by using an innovative carving process. This special technique allows the pad maximum shock protection, incredible lightness, breathability, and perfect fit because it adheres better to the body allowing freedom of movement. The Rooted Gel located in the ischium (sit bones) area allows for neutralization of vibration when the pad is under stress.

Santini C3 Cycling Chamois Pad | Cento Cycling