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About Us

Cento (pronounced "CHEHN-toh") is Italian for 100. Our custom bike jerseys and cycling clothing is designed to give you comfort and performance at a realistic price. Whether you ride 100km or 100 miles, rest assured that you can associate the Cento label with quality, comfort, style and value.

Our Mission is to make sure you have a good experience throughout your custom clothing order process. Not only is our clothing top quality, great looking and a real “Made in Italy ” brand, but our customer service and delivery are equally as good.


Cento Cycling is based in Portland, Oregon; home of a very active cycling community. We specialize in providing top quality, comfortable and functional cycling clothes and products at affordable prices, as well as custom cycling clothing for your club / team or event. We stock everything we sell and offer same day shipping (as long as we receive your order before 3pm PST).


The owner of Cento Cycling has been in the cycling apparel business for over 30 years. He has a history in the business and has been in the forefront of many innovative cycling apparel ideas. With this history comes a wealth of experience and an appreciation of quality.


We work with a number of European cycling apparel manufacturers who design and produce their own clothes in-house. We are very proud of this fact. We work very closely with them to ensure that fit, quality, function and style are paramount. Some of the products we offer are made to our specifications and are exclusive to Cento Cycling. 


At Cento Cycling we live to ride our bikes. And we ride our bikes to live. It is who we are. We ride recreationally, competitively, for our well being and for our planet’s health. We coach, we teach and we mentor. We ride commuter bikes, rain bikes, road bikes, cyclo-cross bikes, mountain bikes, and we even pull kids and cargo in trailers. We’re not picky, as long as it is pedal power!

Together we make it our job to test products, and then help select what to offer on our website. And we are pretty selective. We wouldn’t say we are cycling snobs, but we do make sure the products we offer are the ones we like and would use ourselves. Not only do we test ride most of the products, but also help the manufacturers make design changes to make them as functional, stylish and economical as possible before we offer them on our website.

We are not only committed to offering you the finest quality cycling apparel at great prices, but great customer service as well. Because we know our products we can pass on honest and knowledgeable advice to our customers. You can trust that we talk from experience. We understand that the key to clothing is not only the fabric, function and look, but also the fit.  We encourage you to call or email if you have any product questions.