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New Designer Cap Drop from Cinelli

We've recently stocked two incredible designer cycling caps from the Cinelli Art Program featuring two incredible artists. The Tarsila Schubert 'Deep Love Dive' cap and the Massimo Giacon 'Hope' Cap. Both artists have impressive biographies and incredible designs. 

Tarsila Schubert is a Brazilian-born street artist that has dedicated her life to art, having as inspiration the essence of the multi-diverse cultural background that she comes from. She has collaborated in the years past with brands such as but not limited to: Hermès, Chrysler, Adidas, Red Bull, Nokia, Unilever, Dell just to name a few, and her artworks have been exhibited worldwide including USA, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, UK, France, Spain, Cambodia, Lebanon, UAE, Kuwait and Jordan.

This Made in Italy cycling cap is a perfect accessory on or off the bike. Perfectly suited to keep the sweat out of your eyes on intense climbs, it's light and features a highly breathable sweat band for added moisture wicking on warm days.


Massimo Giacon 'Hope' Cycling Cap by Cinelli | Cento CYycling

Early in his career, Massimo Giacon published comics for several major specialized publications (Frigidaire, Linus, Alter, Dolce Vita, Cyborg, Nova Express, Blue), soon becoming one of the points of reference for the “bizarre” comics.

In the 1980s together with Vittore Baroni and Piermario Ciani he took part in the multimedia network projet TRAX, the forerunner of the future activities of subversive Luther Blisset. Then he began a constant artistic-performing activity which led him to a series of exhibition events in Italy, America, Greece, Portugual and Switzerland.

Later he took an interest in design and launched into a collaboration with some of the major architecture offices in Milan (Sottsass, Mendini, Thun). He also created designs for the well-known brands such as Memphis, Swatch, Artemide, Alessi. He designed carpets, laminated materials, illustrations for fashion magazines, web sites, fabrics, virtual characters, TV theme songs, ceramics, and is now working for graphic novels, various editorial projects, musical and commercial videos, new design objects, art exhibitions and music production with his side project Massimo Giacon and the Blass.

Massimo is a personal friend of Cinelli President Antonio Colombo and his works have been shown at the Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea Gallery.


Massimo says about the design: "Hope is not just a slogan, but it is just a little bit of what we all want in this strange world: there are those who do it singing from their balconies, or those who dance like butterflies, trying not to get eaten by the voracious carnivorous plants that surround us in our everyday lives."

This very special #cinelliartprogram collaboration features Giacon's signature comic book style. The cap is made with a material called APITECH, that is 100% developed and made in Italy, combines the comfort of cotton on the inside together with polyester on the outside for brilliant sublimatic printing.