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Exercise Your Imagination in Color!

Looking good and feeling good seem to go hand in hand, especially when you're out training. Feeling safe and seen while on a ride also feels great, but high-visibility doesn't always mean fluorescent colors over your drab black kit. Over years of training rides, we've found that wearing stylish kits with bold design elements not only adds to your visibility, it lets drivers know that you are an experienced rider that deserves a place on the road. While not a scientific study, by any means, we tracked our perception of driver "moods" while wearing different outfits on a commute to and from downtown Portland over a year.

While wearing casual shorts and a t-shirt, even while wearing a bright helmet and usually a bright vest or reflective pieces, drivers seemed less patient and less tolerant of our position on the road. While wearing a bolder, more cycling specific kit, we noticed much more tolerance and (begrudging at times) respect while on the road. Same speeds, same roads, for the most part, the same drivers; yet, we always felt more seen and safe while wearing the pop of color and style. Not to mention the comfort factor and the possibility of turning that commute into a longer and more spirited trip.

Look into the bolder options available. You'll always have your little black kit in the closet, but you might want that standout look once in a while. You might find yourself grabbing that bold look more often. Stay seen, Stay safe, Stay Stylish!