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Etxeondo: New Bib Shorts from Basque Country

Introduced to the U.S. by Cento Cycling, Etxeondo, a premier maker of quality cycling apparel since 1976, is located near San Sebastian in Northern Spain. The area is so rich in cycling terrain, that two grand tours, both the Vuelta a España and the Tour de France, roll through the nearby Pyrenees mountains each summer. The region also boasts many legendary cyclists such as Miguel Indurain.

It is hard to find quality cycling clothing that matches Etxeondo's craftsmanship. Form follows function. Beginning his career in high fashion buying fabrics for leading brands such as Dior and Balenciaga, Etxeondo's founder and avid cyclist, Francisco Rodrigo knows his garments to say the least. Once you have the clothing in your hands, and try it on, you immediately notice how precisely and consistently the garments are cut for an active cyclist. At Cento, we're especially familiar with the cut and fit of the Etxeondo apparel.

Top Quality Fabrics

The Etxeondo PowerSystem is a new technology developed by Etxeondo in the top-of-the-line bib shorts to achieve a garment that is soft to touch, with excellent compression qualities, great breathability, resistance and adaptability. The PowerSystem is also characterized by great elasticity due to the use of the Lycra Sport elastomer. Depending on the thickness of the threads it is woven out of, Etxeondo Microsystem achieves three different materials depending on their lightness. Microsystem 1.1, 1.2 extra light, and 1.2.

Specialized Chamois Construction 


Etxeondo Urraki Chamois
  • On the Men's Orhi bib shorts.
  • Ultimate Performance in the most demanding conditions.
  • The same multi-panel, seamless construction as Carbono.
  • The trusted choice of the male professionals of Team Sunweb.
  • Urraki, named after a climb in the Basque Country, is favoured by a number of World Tour riders who ride for non- Etxeondo equipped teams.


Etxeondo Berasa Chamois

  • On the Women's Olaia Bib Shorts and Shorts.
  • The trusted choice of the Sunweb Women's professional team.
  • Specially engineered for the female anatomy with an exclusive high-density insert. Excellent breathability and excellent moisture absorption
  • New cut foam technology without rigid points.


Etxeondo Uda Chamois
  • On the Men's KOM bib shorts.
  • Precisely targeted comfort with minimal bulk.
  • Developed with a new generation of high-density foam, combining excellent protection on long rides with a wonderful fit.
  • The new base layer provides greater breathability and fast drying.
  • Soft lining is highly resistant to use and washing.

New Bib Shorts at Cento

Etxeondo Bib Shorts

The Olaia Bibs (at right) are seamless, made from one single piece of fabric. They feature the Berasa chamois, elastic leg grippers, and reflective details. The seamless bib shorts construction is also rated at SPF 50+ (UVA) and recommended for a temperature range between 53ºF to 100ºF (12ºC to 38ºC).

2019 Etxeondo Orhi Bib ShortsThe Men's Orhi bib shorts (at left) feature the Urraki chamois and seamless construction. They also have elastic leg grippers (not silicone), reflective details, and an embroidered logo. 

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