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All-Weather Cycling Gear Guide: Base Layer Benefits

Layering garments in cold weather has always been an integral part of maintaining a comfortable body temperature. However, thanks to advancements in modern fabrics, we're now able to layer a little differently - we're able to wear fewer layers. Fewer layers means feeling less bulky in winter wear, and for athletes, the ability to move more freely when every movement counts. Today, Italian base layer manufacturer Outwet, is leading these advancements with their garments.

Known in high-level sports circles for many years, Outwet was born in the Tuscany countryside, a renowned region of Italy for the textile industry and fabric research. While now based in the Vento region, the brand continues to maintain a high level of quality and stunning characteristics of the products. This means that Outwet is has a closer relationship with their exclusive fabric supplier and producer in Italy, where it manufactures the base layers. This is different from other cycling apparel makers that may ship textiles blindly to independently owned sewing factories overseas. 

To achieve these results, Outwet® products are constantly studied and tested by professional athletes, such as national biathlon champion, Pietro Dutto as seen in the video below. Yet, whether you are a professional athlete or novice, you can feel the Outwet difference, and see why the product is truly exceptional. You will also notice by smell - in that the fabrics used by Outwet do not retain odor as is common with cheaper polyester base layers.

In the video, Dutto is wearing the new Merino Wool Long Sleeve Base Layer. This garment is made with Merino, Cashmere wool, and polypropylene - a perfect match of technical textiles which protect the body from cold by wicking moisture as well as providing insulation. The natural heat of fine Merino and Cashmere together with breathable polypropylene makes this garment unique and perfect for cycling and many disciplines.

Stelvio base layer by Outwet Italia

Also new this year are the Stelvio base layers, named after the iconic mountain pass. Like the other base layers, the Stelvio models are made with Dryarn, a polypropylene fiber that provides exceptional moisture wicking and heat regulation. This textile provides a second-skin fit without compression, and unparalleled breathability. A Dryarn® garment weighs
32% less than the same garment made from wool, and 34% less than the same garment made from polyester.

Outwet base layers such as the Stelvio, and others include about 10% elastane, which add's to Dryarn's own elasticity, so the overall result is a very 
oft and comfortable garment that fits snugly without compression on a variety of body types. The garments are so elastic in fact, that Outwet typically produces only two size cuts of each base layer - a short and long version.

In addition to the performance characteristics of the base layers and other garments, products by Outwet hold a leading position of overall quality. Owning one of these base layers, you'll notice that they do not hold odor like other base layers, nor do they shrink or pilfer after washing.

We aim to carry premium cycling apparel at Cento, even down to our base layers, warmers, head wear and neck gaiters. These pieces may often be overlooked, but when you solid fundamental garments, you quickly learn that you can outlast the toughest weather when wearing products by Outwet.