'Eyes on the Prize' Bib Shorts - UCI Collection

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Bib shorts with a rainbow stripes design on the braces in honour of the 1964 world championships. Designed with maximum comfort in mind, it includes a silicone grip to ensure a tight fit while you ride. Ideally matched with the Eyes jersey for a stylish look.

 With raw cut grippers, and Git Evo padding, the twist gel core for the longest rides.

Made In Italy

-- GITevo Chamois Pad:  Santini's most versatile gel core chamois. All-round comfort for all types of riding. GITevo is the technological evolution of the original GIT chamois with Twist Gel silicone core that absorbs shock steadily and gradually. GITevo offers added performance with it’s new carved construction process that is able to create thicknesses without seams and stitching, reducing the weight and increasing the softness of the padding. Recommended RIDE DURATION: 6H

-- With silicone grip at the bottom of the leg to keep the shorts in perfect position while pedaling, this bib-shorts are characterized by the raw cut on the leg.

-- Made in Italy