Winter Cycling Booties / Shoe Covers by Outwet. Made in Italy. White.

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Winter Cycling Booties / Overshoes by Outwet: White

This bootie is designed to help keep you warm and dry on the coldest of days. The fabrics are stretchy, breathable, windproof and waterproof.

It is made from a combination of high tech materials:
- - a tough scratch-resistant lining fabric
- -The external fabric is bonded with a membrane called "No WIND NO RAIN". This  forms an impenetrable barrier against wind and water,while allowing excellent breathability.

These booties feature:
- - The 3D THERMAL AIR SYSTEM. This creates an air space inside the fabric layers to give outstanding insulation which keeps the feet warm and dry even in the coldest and wettest weather conditions.

- - The upper inside edge is treated with silicone for a perfect fit against your ankle/leg. This cuts down on water seepage.

- - Reinforced sole with holes for heel and cleat for enhanced resistance to wear

- - Front seam is taped for added waterproof-ness

- - Rear zipper and hook and loop closure that is slightly off-set from the center. This is for added comfort.

100% Made in Italy

XS : 38-39
S : 40-41
M : 42-43
L : 44-45
XL : 46-47