Vega Xtreme Winter Cycling Jacket in Black 2020/21

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* Learn more about the Vega Xtreme jacket on our blog. *

The Vega Xtreme jacket is part of Santini's new VEGA line of high performance, cold climate cycling apparel designed so you can ride in the harshest weather conditions. Here are some of the key features:

  • HIGH COLLAR lined with POLARTEC's highly advanced, ultra-lightweight insulating Alpha fabric. 
  • WINDBLOC FABRIC FROM POLARTEC®  - A versatile 3-layer shield with an advanced microporous membrane to ensure maximum breathability. Windproof and rain resistant.
  • ADDITIONAL REAR WATER-PROOF, ZIPPERED BACK POCKET, lined with a breathable membrane fabric. High-visibility pull cord for ease of opening while wearing gloves.
  • ANGULAR SIDE POCKETS on back also allow for easier reach while on the bike.
  • RAW-CUT SLEEVE OPENINGS Made from a fleece lined, super-roubaix fabric with a fully waterproof outer layer. These are an exceptional feature on the jacket, which allow the cuffs to fit under glove gauntlets, and prevent cold air from entering the cuff.
  • OVERSIZED FRONT ZIPPER PULL A small, but important detail not overlooked by Santini. The oversized, circular zipper pull allows for easy grasp - even while wearing winter cycling gloves.
  • PERFORATED FABRIC AT ARM PIT allows for additional breathabilitiy without inviting cold air in.
Fit: These Jackets are Rider Slim Fit, designed for active cyclists who ride outdoors all year round. The superior design and construction of this jacket allows it to be worn with only a base layer. However, if you plan on wearing more than one layer under the jacket, ordering a size larger than your typical jersey or jacket size may be helpful. Please do not hesitate to email us for sizing help with your height, weight, and waist and chest sizes.