Gara 2.0 Lycra Cycling BIB Knickers (GIT Chamois)- made in Italy by Santini

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Gara 2.0 Lycra Cycling BIB Knickers (GIT Chamois)- made in Italy by Santini 

The Gara 2.0  Bib Knicker has a wrap-around construction for a more comfortable fit. 
- - GIT (Gel InTech) chamois / pad
- - Comfy external elastic leg grippers with silicone dots
- - Ergonomic cut 
- - Thurderbike Power fabric that is very elastic Lycra and offers good compression and breathability (not fleecy lined)
- - Soft and breathable white mesh braces 
- - Made in Italy 

Gel Intech Chamois 
The choice of materials, the design of this chamois, and how it is inserted into the bib shorts make it one of the best pads out there. Several layers are sandwiched together to make the Gel Intech (GIT) chamois: there is a inner bottom layer, a foam layer, silicone gel (Twist-gel Heart), a second foam layer and finally a top outer layer (a soft, breathable microfiber fabric-this is the layer that touches the skin). 

- - Softness: the top layer to the chamois (that touches the skin) is made from a microfiber fabric called "Meryl". This material is anti-bacterial and has good wicking and breathing properties. The holes on the outside surface of the padding allow proper ventilation by drawing moisture away from the skin. This results in an even temperature distribution.

- - Shape & Design: Anatomic cut helps reduce any bulk and bunching. Varying thicknesses of Gel and Foam make this chamois ideal for use with an anatomical cut-out saddle. Its unique design limits the pressure on the prostatic area.  

- - Absence of seams: No irritating seams where the chamois touches the skin.

- - Twist-gel heart: The solid gel is a surgical grade silicone gel that has great shock absorbing properties. It also allows an even distribution of body weight while in the saddle, and the low thermal conductivity of the gel reduces overheating. Its shape can be twisted up to 800% under compression, and it returns to its original dimension without any change. This allows the chamois to contour the shape of your body and move with the rider and gives maximum comfort with any kind of saddle. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us with sizing questions. We are familiar with the products and can help put you in the right size. We'll ask for your height, weight, waist and chest measurements, general body type/build, and whether you like a loose or snug fit.