Cinelli Cap Collection: Cinelli Supercorsa Cycling Cap in Jaguar Green

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A Cap dedicated to Cinelli's the legendary steel frame that is still racing after more than 40 years.

When Italo Lupi was contracted in 1979 to produce a new Cinelli logo, he was also contracted to design a suitably updated catalog layout and, more important, a new graphic scheme for one of Italy's most famous racing bicyles: Cino Cinelli's Supercorsa. Lupi, following Colombo's enthusiasm for the new logo and its decisively minimal aesthetic characteristics, chose to maintain the same look, positioning eight small logos in both traditional and non-traditional zones of the frame and one single pinstripe (3.7mm wide) vertically along the seat tube.The graphics and colors were a stark break from Cino's traditional, refined standards, and this was the intention: to present to the public a new image of the bicycle, which had no reference to the previous era, nothing to do with the "vecchio ferro" of the public's imagination. The bike had to look as contemporary as an Alfa Romeo body or a Sottsass bookshelf.

- - Elastic in the center-back 
- - One size fits most
- - 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
- - printed graphics
- - Genuine Cinelli Merchandise
- - Made in Italy