2021 Suarez Racer Bib Short | Cento Cycling
2021 Suarez Racer Bib Short | Cento Cycling
2021 Suarez Racer Bib Short Chamois | Cento Cycling
2021 Racer 2.0 Men's Cycling Bib Short

2021 Racer 2.0 Men's Cycling Bib Short

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  • Quality Chamois / Suarez' Pro Pad offers antibacterial properties and two-way stretch. 
  • Leg edges are made of more elastic material panels with light silicone vertical grippers that follow the contour of the lower thigh.
  • In the Professional line, cut and designed for Fit and serious cyclists
  • Compare to Burca Pro Bib Shorts
  • Several panels construct the legs with flat seams, making for excellent compression and snug fit.
  • Mesh straps / Braces for added breathability
  • 36%Polyester / 19% Spandex/ 45% Nylon blend fabric that offers good compression.
  • Made in Colombia

Suarez' Pro Chamois is built with bacteriostatic carbon filaments, which provide unique technical characteristics, the union of textile fibers with a conductive active carbon-based filament helps retard the formation of bacteria and accelerate the evacuation of moisture.
Additionally, it maintains the contact area at a constant temperature, avoiding decompensation and helping to improve the electrical performance of the body by promoting blood circulation and the regular supply of oxygen to the cells, offering an increase in resistance and reducing the feeling of fatigue in muscle cells.
The technology of this pad allows better transport of moisture, helping to evaporate sweat and achieve greater sense of hygiene and well-being.