2021 Men's Tono Dinamo Bib Shorts - Black

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Unbeatable comfort bib shorts, made with light compression Thunderbike Power fabric and featuring "tattoo effect" honeycomb shaped silicon gripper and seamless elastic braces. C3 multi density chamois with gel inserts. Ideal for long rides.

  • PERFECT FIT - Made from high-compression Thunderbike Power fabric with built-in “tattoo effect” honeycomb shaped silicon gripper
  • EXTREME COMFORT - Seamless elastic braces cling to the body without restriction. Mesh rear allows for perfect ventilation
  • ANTI-SHOCK PROTECTION - C3 chamois features protective shell and ergonomic 3Dsurface
  • Made in Italy


C3 Chamois Pad Features:

C3 is an endurance high performance chamois, ideal for long hours in the saddle. The C3 chamois is constructed by using an innovative process called Carving. This special technique allows the pad maximum shock protection, incredible lightness, breathability, and perfect fit because it adheres better to the body allowing freedom of movement. The Rooted Gel located in the ischium (sit bones) area allows for neutralization of vibration when the pad is under stress.

Santini's C3 Pad is the same pad the Trek Segafredo Pros have been using for 3 years, and will continue using in 2021. It is designed for your longest rides