LP2 Short Sleeve Cycling Base Layer

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This base layer uses Dryarn with a 90% Polypropylene and 10% Elastane fabric blend. It is more breathable and stretchy than all other polypro fabrics. 

Due to the tubular construction and high elasticity the sizes range in torso length. 
Size 2 is cut longer than size 1. If you are over 6 feet tall we recommend you get a size 2 (L/XL)

Dryarn has several unique properties that make it a good choice for performance cycling apparel :

 - - Excellent wicking / breathing properties 
 - - 
Soft and comfortable. 
 - - Does not hold odor
 - - Does not shrink
 - - Does not pilfer after washing
 - - Tubular construction allows for no irritating seams 
 - - Contours the body without restricting movement 
 - - Keeps its shape wash after wash 
 - - Very stretchy