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2020 Vincenzo Nibali 'Shark' Cycling Kit

A line of clothing by Santini dedicated to Vincenzo Nibali draws inspiration from an array of different motifs connected to the Sicilian riders background. The dark blue image of a boiling ocean is a reference to the coast surrounding Vincenzo’s home town of Messina; the eastern-most point on the Island of Sicily which looks across the strait of Messina to mainland Italy – a stretch of water that is infested with sharks, and where his nickname, Lo Squalo – The Shark is taken from. The logo-mark we created to complete the design uses his name, highlighting the letter A, stylized to resemble a sharks fin breaking the surface of the water, additionally the 3 colored lines that complete the logo, pink, yellow and red pay homage to his victories in all three Grand Tours. Made in Italy.
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