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Stay Stoked this Summer with Fresh Premium Cycling Apparel

If there's one way to stay stoked this season, for many of us, it is the ability to keep pedaling and enjoying the riding that we love. Even if your group ride is restricted to an indoor trainer game, or your solo outdoor rides requires a face mask, Cento has some fresh apparel and ideal deals to keep you properly kitted. First things first, the savings:

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Now that we've gotten the basics out of the way, you need to know about the incredible items we've stocked for serious and casual cyclists this summer:


Santini Pro Team Kits

Each season we attempt to stock some of out favorite pro kits prepared by the iconic Italian cycling apparel brand, Santini. This year is no different in that regard - even if pro racing has been on pause. We've combined national team cycling kits, along with several pieces from road and mountain professional cycling teams.

Trek Pirelli Santini Team Cycling Kit

Continuing the tradition of black and yellow, the Trek Pirelli Pro MTB Team has an excellent kit for riding trails and back roads. The jersey is a Kevo cut for classic fit, and the bibs feature the lightweight Max chamois pad for quick rides. 

We're floored by the distinctive design in the Argentina National Cycling Team Kit this year. Pro MTB racer Catriel Soto was listed to start at the line of the men's mountain bike race in the Tokyo Olympics this year, so we'll look forward to seeing him there when the Olympiad convenes sometime in the future.
Catriel Soto Argentina Team Cycling Kit by Santini


It is also exciting to see additional blue and black combinations in these other Trek x Santini collaborations:



Cargo Bib Shorts

Bikepacking is fun and all, but many riders blasting off for a couple hours around home often prefer to forgo full saddle bags to keep the bike nimble and quick. However, early mornings, rides to elevation, or even a few extra snacks can quickly overwhelm three back pockets of a simple jersey. Enter cargo pocketed bib shorts - yes, they're kinda like those stretchy yoga pants with pockets, but built specifically for cycling.

Straight from Basque country are some of our favorites, the above Exo Adventure cargo bib shorts. Not only are these bibs built with incredible fabrics unique to Etxeondo, they also feature a couple more pockets than competing cargo bib shorts. The Exo Adventure bib shorts have two large pockets on the side panels of each leg, in addition to pockets at the base of the braces and top of the shorts. 

We've also stocked the Cinelli Cento pocketed bib shorts that complete the Cento Collection kit, and stand alone as an excellent piece of apparel on their own. These cycling bib shorts feature rear pockets at the waist, which perfectly carry a phone, wallet, or even an extra bottle in a pinch. Priced more accessibly than the Exo Adventure Bibs, the Cento bibs are a great entry into life riding without handlebar or saddle bags.


Cinelli Cento Cycling Bib Shorts with Pockets


Incredible Cycling Caps

As purveyors of premium cycling apparel, we love a good cap. They're versatile, classic, and stylish. In addition to the current and past team caps provided by Apis, and incredible designs from Cinelli, we're now especially pleased to be stocking new cycling caps by Headdy.

NotChas X Headdy Cycling Cap | Cento Cycling

In collaboration with legendary courier and cycling personality, Chas Christiansen,  Headdy has debuted two caps with Chas' signature style. In grey and black colorways, the 'Stay Lucky' and 'Live Fast'  caps reflect the charismatic artist, entrepreneur, and bike racer with an instinctive style and outlook on the world - all this from his years working as a bike messenger in San Francisco.


Headdy has also reissued the timeless Brooklyn cycling cap. The Brooklyn cap is synonymous with cycling; so much so, we've even mocked up our very own Portland cap in it's image). Boldly looking to innovate on the original, the Headdy Team uses a new cap construction and fabric blend to improve the fit and feel of the simple cycling cap. The result is a slightly deeper drop on the crown of the head, and band that doesn't bind as much as other elastic-lined brims. 

See the new Headdy cap at left, and the old school version at right.

 Brooklyn Cycling Cap Official Reissue by Headdy | Cento Cycling