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Rider Sizing and Fit for Santini 2019 Cycling Apparel

As a leading manufacturer of professional quality cycling apparel, Santini produces a deep catalog of attractive designs made with state-of-the-art fabrics for a variety of cyclists each season. The 2019 Spring and Summer collection continues on this path with several different rider cuts as well as fabric combinations to accommodate the shapes and fit of more bike riders. In this post, we'll share some of the key highlights we've noticed in the Santini 2019 items available at Cento.  Here we’ll focus on sharing fit and sizing details, but know that we’re only a click or call away for assistance.


Santini Cycling Jerseys 2019

Cycling Jerseys

Over the past several years Santini has been using lighter and more elastic fabrics for all its jerseys. This allows for more breathability and better overall fit. The Sleek and Rider Slim Fit jerseys (like the Tono at left), are fitted, race cuts jerseys are made for slim and fit riders. The jerseys are cut very narrow, and designed to really contour one’s body without restricting movement. To achieve fit for these body types, Santini uses fabrics that are lighter and have more elasticity than the Classic Cut options such as Origine

Both the Sleek and Rider Slim Fit Jerseys come with raw cut, lycra blend arms made of very lightweight, elastic fabrics without hemmed sleeves. The raw cut sleeves allow the arms to stretch so the fabric contours the cyclists’ arms without restricting movement. Some Classic Cut Jerseys, such as the popular Alpi jersey, also come with raw cut lightweight, elastic arms which is a major improvement for cyclists who need a fuller, wider fit.

For recreational cyclists, it is common to have some weight centered around the abdomen, and creating a need larger size jerseys. In the past, when jersey arms were made of much less elastic fabrics with hemmed sleeves, they were also cut wider as the size increased. This would create a problem where the jersey’s torso fit, but the arms were too wide and baggy. Today however, with raw cut, unhemmed sleeves, Santini can now keep sleeve narrow because the fabric stretches better.

Example: A male cyclist in his late 30’s/early 40’s, is  6’7”,and weighs 240 lbs. He has a 45/46” chest. He is carrying some extra weight in his stomach, and thought he needed a size 4XL for its width and length. Yet, when he tried on older Classic Fit Jerseys with the hemmed sleeves they were simply too wide and baggy. The new Classic Cut jersey with the raw cut arms, turned out to be an excellent fit.

Cycling Bib Shorts

Like the jerseys, Santini contemporary bib shorts are made with fabrics that are are very lightweight while providing more compression. Years ago, older lycra fabrics provided compression, but were heavier overall.

Today, Santini is using in a lighter polyamide lycra blend of fabrics for a snug fit. These fit of these fabrics offer more compression to the covered muscles and reduce fatigue, while retaining their elasticity and shape longer. They also breathe better than prior lycra blend fabrics.

Santini 2019 Cycling Bib ShortsOn all of its Bibs with the GIT EVo, and C3 Pads
, Santini uses new elastic leg grippers that Pros and serious cyclists demand as they do not put any pressure on the area above one’s knees which can allow for more comfort on longer rides. For shorter ride length bibs, Santini uses the E Max pad, and hemmed legs with interior silicone grippers.Importantly, Santini only uses fabrics with Lycra which is simply an elastic thread that adds elasticity to the finished fabric. There are many other Elastan (a generic name for elastic threads) blend fabrics that cycling apparel makers use for its garments that are not only less expensive, but from what I’ve seen and worn not as good as fabrics made with Lycra.

Chamois Pads

Santini offers several chamois pad options, which have been designed with an exclusive Italian manufacturing partner and professional cyclists for more than 45 years. Without sacrificing padded comfort, the C3, GIT EVO, and E Max are all lighter, more breathable, and quicker drying with than prior pads.

Santini G3 Chamois Pad

At Cento, we hear from cyclists who have tried the C3 pad, that it is the best they have ever ridden. The C3 is an endurance high performance chamois, ideal for long (up to eight) hours in the saddle. The C3 chamois is constructed by using an innovative process called Carving. This special technique allows the pad maximum shock protection, incredible lightness, breathability, and perfect fit because it adheres better to the body allowing freedom of movement. The Rooted Gel located in the ischium (sit bones) area allows for neutralization of vibration when the pad is under stress.

Santini GITevo chamois pad

The GITevo is an evolution of Santini’s most popular GIT chamois with Twist Gel core, the silicone gel that absorbs shock steadily and gradually. GITevo is constructed with a Carving process that is able to create thicknesses without seams, reduces the overall weight, and increases the softness of the padding. The top layer uses antibacterial microfiber and depressions on the surface, to offer excellent fit and freedom of movement by protecting from chafing and irritation. Built for rides up to six hours in duration.



Santini eMax chamois padThe eMAX is an everyday chamois perfect for medium distances and indoor cycling or spinning. The eMAX is the evolution of Santini’s reputable Coolmax padding but better, thanks to the improved ergonomic construction.The anatomical shape and the perforated foam layer has varying densities which make this pad ideal for all types of indoor cycling and for medium distances. Built for rides up to three hours in duration.