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All-Weather Cycling Gear Guide: Vega Xtreme Jacket

The Santini Vega Xtreme jacket is an exciting addition to our stock of winter riding apparel, and presents a pinnacle piece of high performance outerwear for serious year-round cyclists. Santini's Vega line of cold climate cycling apparel is designed so you can ride in the harshest weather conditions. 

Fabrics: The Vega Xtreme Jacket keeps riders dry and warm with technically advanced fabrics from POLARTEC®. Windbloc is a versatile, 3-layer shield with an advanced microporous membrane to ensure maximum breathability. It is a softshell fabric that has a very soft and elastic interior, with a smooth exterior which causes water to bead off, and wind to be deflected.

Additionally, the high collar is lined with POLARTEC's ultra-lightweight insulating Alpha fabric. The tall height of this collar also alleviates the need for a neck gaiter or buff.

Fit Features: The soft and elastic the fabrics allow for a slimmer cut to these jackets, making them ideal for active, fit cyclists more than those who prefer or need a fuller cut. The first fit features we noticed are the raw-cut sleeve cuffs which are made from a fleece lined, super-roubaix fabric and have a fully waterproof outer layer. This allows the cuffs to fit under glove gauntlets, and prevent cold air and water from entering the cuff.

Vega Xtreme Jacket by Santini

We also enjoy the slight, angular shape of the side pockets on the back of the jacket. This design allows for easier reach into the pockets while in the riding position.The rear of the jacket additionally offers a waterproof back flap to protect the rider from road spray and rain.

The waterproof, zippered center back pocket, is lined with a breathable membrane fabric and uses a high-visibility pull cord for ease of opening while wearing gloves. 

Likewise, the front of the jacket utilizes an oversized circular zipper pull which also allows for easy grasp while wearing winter cycling gloves. This is a small, but important detail, not to be overlooked by Santini. 

Another important detail is the alternate fabric used in the arm pit area. It is perforated to allow for heat release while preventing cold air from entering. This feature is another keen idea by Santini to build a jacket that breathes rather than vents with awkward, uncomfortable zippers under the arms.

With all of these valuable features, the Vega Xtreme is the perfect jacket for any extreme weather condition.This jacket has received lots of critical acclaim, and we couldn't agree more. 


Fit & Sizing: This jacket is a Rider Slim Fit, designed for active cyclists who ride outdoors all year round. While we've provided measurement information below and on the product detail page, please do not hesitate to email us for sizing help with your height, weight, and waist and chest sizes.

Size Chest Waist Front Length Back Length
S 33-34" / 84-86 cm up to 29" / 73 21" / 53 cm 26" / 66 cm
M 35-36" / 89-91 cm up to 31" / 78 22" / 55 cm 27" / 68 cm
L 37-38" / 94-96 cm up to 33" / 83 23" / 58 cm 28" / 71 cm
XL 39-40" / 99-101 cm 35" / 89 24" / 61 cm 28.5" / 72 cm
2XL 41-42" / 104-106 cm 37" / 94 25" / 63 cm 29" / 73 cm
3XL 42.5-43.5" / 108-110 cm 38" / 96 25.5" / 65 cm 29.5" / 75 cm
4XL 44-45" / 111-114 cm 39" / 99 25.5" / 65 cm 29.5" / 75 cm


Recommended Kit Combination: The superior design and construction of this jacket allows it to be worn with only a base layer.

* We like to emphasize that short sleeve or long sleeve jerseys are NOT comparable replacements for a quality base layer. This is because proper base layers are designed to absorb perspiration, and wick it to the jacket. Jerseys are not typically designed to do so.

For this reason, we carry a deep catalog of base layers by Italian manufacturer, Outwet. Base layer variation also provides the rider with body temperature regulation options that meet the needs of the anticipated ride or weather. (it's also a more inexpensive option than buying a variety of jackets).

On the coldest days, cyclists may choose a full coverage base layer such as the long sleeve EP3, or WP4. The new long sleeve merino wool base layer could also work, but that might be an especially warm ride unless the pace, temperatures, or tempo remain low. From there, riders can also experiment with short-sleeved, or sleeve-less base layer options, such as the new Stelvio models.

However, if you require a little more insulation, we recommend adding a second Outwet base layer. The Outwet products are designed to contour the body without restricting movement. By wearing two base layers, the fit of the jacket will not be affected by added bulk (which is common in wearing jerseys under such jackets), while still providing extra warmth. If you need sizing help with base layers or jackets, again please do not hesitate to phone or email the Cento team.